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TAGLIG TECHNOLOGY established in 2014 as the first and only LED screen manufacturer in Turkey, continued its knowledge and expertise expanding it to the white goods/home appliances industry.

TAGLIG specializes in electronic hardware and software and carries out joint work with important public institutions and private sector companies in this field. It manufactures oven electronics, paddle box control cards, small household appliances electronic cards, heater/cooler control cards, medical and hygiene products electronic cards all developed by TAGLIG and its R&D. TAGLIG can offer different solutions on both project and product bases to many sectors, especially the white goods/home appliances industry.

TECHNOLOGY is also the first and only LED screen manufacturer in Turkey and continue its operations successfully in that sector as well. For more information, visit:

Our Mission

In the footsteps of a great civilization that has made great discoveries in the world history and offered its science and production to the benefit of all humanity, our vision is to be a technology center that protects universal foundations and open up to the world from Turkey with the motto of “Technology for People”.

Our Vision

The knowledge we obtain, the technology we develop and every product we produce serve the benefit of humanity, the development of our country and the justified pride of our employees. Our goal, our aim is to carry our hunger for knowledge, our love for innovation and our passion for production to the whole world at the highest standards of technology.