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  • TAGLIG aims for world-class production.
  • TAGLIG, with all manufacturers motivated by its head spinning speed of technology, shares its knowledge and experience.
  • For TAGLIG, International standards, quality and speed is not a choice, but it is an obligation.

TAGLIG Electronics Standards

  • In the high-tech SMD typesetting line, 415,000 CPH typesetting is done per hour according to IPC standards.
  • Cream solder or glue which complies with RoHS and REACH criteria is used.
  • CE certified products are preferred as soldering materials.
  • The components used are preferred from branded materials that are globally accepted, certified and in full compliance with standards.
  • The floor in production areas is covered with ESD protected PVC suitable for electronic card production.
  • Product verification, electrical testing, DC or functional tests are carried out in coordination with our customers.
  • All processes are completed in accordance with IPC standards in ESD environments.